Android Studio dose not highlight task tags

A couple days ago, I upgraded Android Studio to 1.3.1 from 1.3 in OS X 10.10.4. After Android Studio was reopened by upgrade program, I found all the TODO and FIXME task tags were not highlighted. They looked just as normal comments and not listed in TODO Tool Window.

It really annoyed me when I can't identify these task tags at first sight in my code. I use task tags for my suspended work and they can remind me what I still not done. I really don't want to use 'Find' to confirm if I clear all the task tags, it's not smart.

So I opened Settings dialog and tried to find out what was going wrong. In the TODO page, I found cause. All the TODO patterns were cleared and made my custom filters turned into red.

I put these two default patterns as below back into list:
  • \btodo\b.*
  • \bfixme\b.*
Yes! I got the highlight back. But, after I reopened Android Studio, the pattern list was empty again! So I didn't solve this issue actually. Dose the issue come along with 1.3.1? There was another possibility. I just added custom filters before I upgraded. Since I didn't have Android Studio 1.3 to verify my guess. I decided to delete all the filters in the list. The issue dose not show up any more. I think this is a bug of Android Studio.

But I don't like this solution. I use FIXME and TODO to distinct different tasks. The tasks must be done before go live are tagged with FIXME. The rest of them are tagged with TODO. This solution means I can't switch the list between different priority tasks and focus on them.

To get better solution, I tried many combinations of patterns and filters in TODO page. There is a workaround after many times reopened of Android Studio. It is quit simple, just add a custom pattern into list and set filters what I did. I got the highlight and filter both.

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